Hey I’m Michele. A Backend Developer and in general an IT enthusiast.

Welcome to my little space on the internet.

I started caring about my privacy on the internet about a year ago and I deleted all my accounts from Meta (formerly know as Facebook) owned services. The only social I sometimes use is Mastodon.

I started this blog to have a place where to publish my thoughts and updates on what I’m doing and also as a kind of portfolio.

Probably no one will ever read this blog but it will be useful for my future self when I’ll have to redo something I already did and wrote about.

Have a nice day!

Current interests

Work experiences

  1. Centro Sistemi Treviso (20/05/2019-14/06/2019, Italy)
    Custom pages for employees healtcare on internal ERP software
  2. Fox Information Technology (01/07/2019-26/07/2019, United Kingdom)
    Laptop configuration for a school and security software updates on various software
  3. Aton S.p.A. (07/06/2021-30/07/2021, Italy)
    Terraform infrastructure for blue/green deployment and other pipeline automations

Personal projects